Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ancient Sagas of Everlance: The New Guy

"You sent for me Father?"

"Ah, Kelmar, I have received glad tidings from your mother." The workshop smelled of wood, yet as always there was no mess to be seen. No sliver of wood shaving littered the floor, no tools set down out of it's place. Several new bows of ironwood in various stages of completion were set about in the various workstations.

Kelmar's father stood up from his current project, his powerful hands holding the carving blade with a gentleness that matched the intricately carved filigree on the bows. "Your mother has been named the High Priestess of Gloriana at her temple in Cam." From a pocket he drew a folded note and passed it to his son. "I intend to visit her come the fall, once I finish this project with Delrik."

"I am at loose ends now, and I have not yet visited Cam."

"Will you bring her a gift of congratulations from me, and let her know that I will see her soon?"

"Of course."

The sound of battle diminished as Kelmar approached. Bodies littered the ground, mostly goblins, but a few humans. The last of the humans fell, flanked by a pair of goblins. Kelmar lodged an arrow into the forehead of one, dropping it to the ground. The other fled.

One of the humans, a follower of Gloriana, had bled out. The others were unconscious, and badly injured. He tended their wounds, found a healing potion among their packs, and revived the worst of them

Not too long after the caravan arrived. The injured scouts/guards for the caravan were given several days of rest to recover from their wounds. Kelmar stayed with them, as he was going in the same direction.

When the scouts were then sent ahead to the next town to prepare for the caravan's arrival, Kelmar joined them... and found the town a burning ruin. The only clue was a large hole into a muddy cave system full of rats.

This update covers the session played 8/10.

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