Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Behind the screen for Hoard of the Dragon Queen... again

My Wednesday night Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure league game has been going along pretty well. Like I mentioned last time, we’re ahead of where we’re supposed to be. We just wrapped up episode 2, and will be starting episode 3 this week. And like last time I wrote about it, I’ll be stepping behind the DM’s screen again. Our DM (Adam) is running a number of other games, and I guess Wednesday night is just one night too many.

I knew getting behind the screen last time was a mistake. Once they know you can DM…

All is not lost for my dwarven illusionist though… Adam has agreed to swap DMing duty every other episode. We’ll see how that pans out.. but, as ever, I remain hopeful.

But I’m also going to take full advantage of the fact that some of the best minds of the OSR have taken Hoard of the Dragon Queen and not only analysed it’s faults, but remixed it to address those faults!

Bryce Lynch at Ten Foot Pole does a fantastic job laying out all the faults of the adventure, episode by episode.

Courtney Campbell over at Hack & Slash is working on his remix. If I'm lucky he'll get to episode 3 before this goes live... (writing on Saturday)

Daniel Davis over at Detect Magic has been working on his remix, complete with a nifty little logo.

I’m also going to do my best to weird things up a bit. Now, since this is an official event, there’s only so much I can actually do, but even with that stricture I can make it more interesting and fun for the players (I hope).

On a side note, I do prefer the feel of the paper in Hoard of the Dragon Queen over the paper used in the PHB and MM. Anyone else with me on that?

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