Monday, September 8, 2014

#6MMRPC Week 1 Update

This probably should have gone up yesterday or Saturday... ah well. I think I'm going to aim for Saturdays as my challenge update day going forward.  Anyway, here's my progress this week.

These skeletons I painted a while ago, but since I was doing some basing, I decided to pull them out to finish them off. And since they don't really remain upright on their own, I stuck them on small warhammer bases.

I also touched up and based the pathfinder goblins.

I also added some finishing details to the lizardmen I've been working on.

I'm really rather pleased with how they came out. I could keep going on them, but I've achieved a level of "done" that I'm happy with, so on to the next painting project... the Black Orcs!

Big guy with the two-handed sword needed some help remaining upright, which is why he's on the round base. Everyone else seems to be doing ok standing on their own.

I wasn't really tempted to pick up any more minis this week, except for the Ghostbusters/Paranormal Exterminators minis from Crooked Dice Games. Thankfully they're sold out...

Goal for this week is to finish the Black Orcs and then there's a chaos warrior Norgol Irongrave that's ready to go. After that? Who knows... 


  1. Show off! Great work, jealous of your progress!

    1. Don't be jealous. The only real work was the lizardmen details (teeth, eyes, leather wraps, etc.) and the Black Orcs. I only showed off the goblins and skeletons cause I based them. Not exactly difficult or even time consuming.

    2. But they still count as "Done". :)

      Good work sir!