Saturday, September 13, 2014

Feast and Famine

It’s interesting how the pendulum can swing so wildly. I’ve gone from having no regular games, to having a Sunday night online game, to playing Wednesday and Sunday, and running Friday and Sunday.

How did I end up with 4 ongoing weekly games?

First off I’m not working on my Master’s Degree anymore! That makes a huge difference. In addition to that I've shifted priorities and decided that I could spend less time sitting in front of a computer or TV. The downside to this shift is that it has taken away some of my blogging time.

Also I've been trying to focus some of my attention on my minis, and in fact I'm due for another 6MMRPC post...

Another factor impacting my blogging is that I’ve been spending my time learning and thinking about 5e, since that’s what I’m playing/running 75% of the time. I've already posted a few 5e posts, including the Clockwork Zombie. More in coming... The next issue of the Octavo is probably going to be the 5e intro adventure I ran last night.

But enough with the complaining that I've got too much gaming going on to write blog posts! Instead I'm going to put together a list of things that I'm planning on writing about!

Ancient Sagas of Everlance actual play report - rats and mud pits
5e Stonehell actual play report - the quiet halls
Friday night 5e actual play report - weird new world
6MMRPC week 2
Magic of the Swamp Witches
Hoard of the Dragon Queen thoughts
Swamp Village Map
Black Orcs for 5e
Fishmen/Murlocs for 5e
Making 5e a little weird.

As you can see, there isn't any lack of things to post about, I just need to get to it! And the longer I wait, the worse it gets, especially for the actual play reports... It's kind of hard to keep track of 3 different games worth of events well enough to write about in a halfway decent way if you don't keep on it.

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