Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ancient Sagas of Everlance: 6/15+6/22

From the Journal of Brother Caswyn:

Thunderday 15th Arist, 1096 md. Continued

When Gloriana is in your heart and your sword hand, the purity of battle can cleanse the earth of the foulest corruption.

Our exploration of this dwarven temple revealed some amazing discoveries, including some fabulous treasure… guarded by a black wyrm! Truly though, calling it anything more than a hatchling would be a stretch, and our coordinated efforts managed to slay it before it could land a solid blow. Blessings to Gloriana for giving me first blood on the foul beast. The existence of a black dragon with the kobolds does make me wonder at their dark desire to take the egg of Galversharn.

We also discovered Idhrenwen, along with two captured goblins that our guide was on the lookout for. We kept our word, and released them back to their tribe.

Further into the temple we found the sanctuary itself, and two kobold sorcerers performing a dark ritual that involved the egg, and a hammer. The panic that seized my heart when the foul sorcerer picked up the hammer… I flew at them across the room while my companions shot at them with their crossbows. Gloriana’s blessing was surely upon us, for the sorcerer with the hammer tried to go through me to get to the egg, and slipped on some of the spilled blood, falling to the floor! The battle was fast, and we managed to save the egg, though we did have to wash it clean of the blood that had been poured on it.

Further exploration of the dwarven temple revealed more treasure, a magical sword, and an undead giant snake. The necromatic energy that animated the snake was swiftly beaten out of the dead body.

We’ve opted to carefully pack the egg, and depart in the morning to return it. Thankfully Idhrenwen knows where the wyrm lairs, so we don’t have to protect the egg longer than absolutely necessary. She says the journey will take 2-3 days. While I want to be return the egg as quickly as possible, it needs to be intact.

Firesday 16th Arist, 1096 md.

The beauty of the sunrise is Gloriana’s call to arms. Whether you go to plow a field, or reap on a battlefield, do it with the strength of the light in your heart.

We struck out early, taking what Idhrenwen called the safer path. The day was blessedly uneventful, save for the occasional verbal sniping between our dark elf paladin Dobh, and Idhrenwen.

Swordsday, 17th Arist, 1096 md.

Keep your arm strong, and your heart stronger, so when you go to battle Gloriana can keep you from the darkness.

Idhrenwen opted not to kill the bear that was ahead of us on the path, instead shooing it off. Not necessarily the choice I’d have made, since a bear skin cloak would be wonderfully warm, and bear steaks for dinner would have been a bit more palatable than my rations.

The path continues to be clear, and otherwise uneventful. Dobh and Idhrenwen have settled into an uncomfortable silence.

Saintsday, 18th Arist, 1096 md.

Gloriana wields a sword in one hand, and a shield in the other. In the same way, you should find balance in your life.

Dragons… are stunning and awful to behold. We returned the egg, and quickly departed. The paths stretch out before us… Which to take? We should return to Caer Brennau first to let them know of our success to ease their minds and hearts... and, I must admit, to satisfy my own prideful desires to be hailed as heroes.

Perhaps after we should return to deal with the goblins now that our truce with them is passed? I will have to pray on it.

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