Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Actual Play: Goblins and Kobolds

From the Journal of Brother Caswin:

Wineday 14th Arist, 1096 md.

The Maiden of Battle is ever forthright in her action.

Our attempts to subtly investigate the ruins of Marmor Quarry were less than successful. Gloriana truly does not reward the sneak. We encountered a goblin band that parlayed with us. They claimed that the kobolds to the south were to blame for angering the dragon. While there was a certain temptation to wipe the goblin skum from existence, the information they offered, and the scout they provided to show the way were too valuable to waste. If they are telling the truth then it’s vitally important follow the scout and find the egg.

The goblin brought us to an ancient ruin after hours of trapsing through the wilderness. We descended the stairs into the dungeon, and discovered an old but well maintained structure. Several locked doors defeated our rogue Mukora, so we ended up at the end of a long hallway. Beyond this last door was the lair of the kobolds.

Gloriana rewarded our frontal assault by causing the monsters’ weapons to fail them, often in the most bloody and spectacular ways. In spite of this, it was a hard fought battle and one that we would not have survived without the blessing of Gloriana. As it was we lost our companion Mukora to the terrible ravaging of a giant weasel.

I feel some direct blame for this as I was helping Mukora to face the creature. After landing what I had thought to be a killing blow, I moved to engage a goblin, leaving Mukora to finish it off. While I fought the goblin, the weasel ripped Mukora open, and he bled out. By the time I got back to him I had already spent my healing magics reviving the paladins Dubh and Myshkin, and Mukora was gone...

The last of the kobolds fled out a side door, which locked behind them. Bloody, bruised, and down one party member, we’ve opted to barricade ourselves in the kobold lair to rest up.

Thunderday, 15th Arist, 1096 md.

The rising sun is the cleansing fire of Gloriana’s light and truth.

I could not see the sun, yet could still feel Gloriana’s power refresh me far more than even the sweetest sleep on a bed of feathers. Today we hunt the remaining kobolds, and recover the egg!

This is the second post detailing the 3rd and 4th sessions of the Castles and Crusades game I'm playing in called the Ancient Sagas of Everlance. Given that we're only playing Sunday for about 2 hours, in game progress takes some time...

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  1. Poor Mukora . . . less valuable than the others. Pity.

    Keep 'em coming!