Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Magic Item: Dragon's Eyes

"Nimble, please be careful..." Feris cautioned. "I haven't had time to research it yet."

"It's fine... We just need to find the necromancer's vault. The eye says it's over that way."

"What are you having it tell you Nimble?" Allianora asked.

"Everything! I can sense the gold, gems, and even feel the tug of the spells that's keeping the vault hidden."

"Do you think it's cursed?" Rathgar whispered to Feris.

"Maybe? I don't know. It might be fine..."

"Nimble? Wake up. It's your shift." Rathgar yawned, prodding Nimble with his toe.

Nimble grunted and stretched, and Rathgar gasped at the scaled claws that flexed out from the bedroll. His eyes snapped open, and a wisp of smoke gently drifted from his nose. The small wyrm crawled from Nimble's bedroll, and flexed his wings before fixing Rathgar in his sight. The cold reptilian eyes bore into him, and Rathgar eased slowly back. The wyrm hissed, expelling more smoke.

Dragon's Eyes

These magical pins, broaches, pendants, and bracelets are all unique in appearance, yet share one common trait: the actual eye of a dragon in incorporated into the metal work. No examples of these items has ever been discovered made of any organic material. The wearer of one of these jewels is able to detect magic, gems, and gold each once per day. Use of these abilities more than once a day will begin to drain on the wearer's personality. For every additional use the wearer will begin to noticeably become more greedy and paranoid. If this items power are used 3 additional times in a day, the character will transform into a dragon corresponding to the type the eye was originally taken from the next time they sleep. This change is permanent baring magic of a 12th level caster. They will retain their own memories, but will be driven by the greed and other domineering personality traits of the dragon type they've become.

The creator of the items is LadyPirotessa

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