Monday, June 23, 2014

New Monster: Mudmaw (giant demon toad)

Armor Class: -1
Hit Dice: 12***
Move: 90’ (30’)
Leap: 240' (80')
Attacks: Tongue/kick*2/mud burst
Damage: 3d6 + special/2d8+knockback/1d10+1
No. Appearing: 1 (unique)
Save As: C24
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: H, I
Intelligence: 6
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 3875

Monster Type: Demonic Animal
The Mudmaw is a giant 6 legged toad demon covered in spikes, plates, and warty bumps. It is incredibly lazy and disinclined to move from the mudpits it creates around itself wherever it is found. The sticky sweet smell of rot permeates its lair, while the buzzing of the giant flies that are drawn to it both drowns out most sounds, and drives most humanoids to distraction (save vs spells or suffer -1 to AC and attack rolls).

In combat, the Mudmaw will use it’s barbed tongue to entrap its enemies, and try to swallow them. Anyone struck by the tongue must make a save vs dragons breath or be caught and unable to move or attack. The following round the mudmaw will pull the victim into its mouth, swallowing them. Anyone swallowed will take an automatic 3d6 points of damage every round until dead. If the tongue is attacked while holding someone and 12 points of damage are done to it, it will release it’s hold. This damage is not subtracted from the Mudmaw’s total. It will target the smallest and least armored foes first, since they’re easier to chew.

The Mudmaw can also cause the mud around it to boil explosively. Every round, the Mudmaw will pick a spot that will begin to bubble. The following round the mud will explode, causing 1d10 damage to everyone within 20’.

Anyone who closes in to attack the Mudmaw from behind, hoping to avoid the tongue will be kicked for 3d8 points of damage, and will be knocked back. The Mudmaw can kick twice every round.

As a demonic entity, the Mudmaw is immune to non-magical weapons, sleep, charm, and hold spells. It takes damage from holy water, and can be turned as a lich. Turned results will cause the Mudmaw to sink into the mud, and refrain from using its tongue attack for 1d6 rounds. It will still use the exploding mud effect, and anyone foolish enough to come within range will still be kicked. A Destroyed result will banish the demon back to the chaos it was formed from.

When the Mudmaw reaches half hitpoints 2d12+6 Mudskippers (larval Mudmaws) will emerge from the Mudmaw’s back, diving into the mudpit and attacking anything they can reach.

The Mudmaw’s treasure is all found within its gullet. Any potions and scrolls will have a 75% chance of having been ruined in the beasts gullet. If banished, the treasure goes with it!

Image from Unleaded Artists

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