Monday, June 16, 2014

New Monster: Anura

"Are the preparations complete?"

The anura Mogrimm's throat bulged before she answered. "Almost" Her fleshy lips smacked together. "The chamber is ready, and my knot is out collecting the last of the sacrifices."

"Excellent" the cloaked figure's laugh was accompanied by the tinkling of small bells. "The dark moon approaches swiftly, and we wouldn't want to be late..."

The girl's scream was the only warning Rathgar heard. Smoke drifted through the barn's boards, and the horses stamped nervously. Grabbing his blade and his shield, he sprang up from his bed roll on the hay, and rushed to the small door. Allianora was already there, and Nimble right behind him. "Where's Feris?"

"He left to use the necessary a couple of minutes ago."


"Probably." Nimble answered innocently.

As they opened the door, the smoke from the burning farmhouse blew heavier toward them. "Nimble, take care of the animals. If one ember makes it over here..."

"On it"

Squat figures moving about were silhouetted against the flames. "I hope Feris is ok." Allianora whispered.

"Me too" Rathgar swept his gaze across the scene, and pointed to a cluster of the figures. "Let's go."

Armor Class: 7 [12]
Hit Dice: 3 (M)
Attacks: weapon (1d6)
Special: Spits napalm
Move: 8
HDE/XP: 5/240

These lumbering frogmen are belligerent, arrogant, and absolutely convinced of their own superiority. They’re also pretty stupid. They prefer to fight at range by spitting small fireballs at their opponents. These cause 1d6hp, and the target must make a saving throw or catch on fire. For melee combat they use polearms in combat, unless they are close to death, in which case they will switch to daggers and other close weapons. This suicidal tendency is due to the fact that upon death Anura tend to explode for 1d6 damage to all within 10’ who fail their saving throw.

This was my entry into the 2nd round of Tenkar's OSR Superstar contest.

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