Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Magic Item: Heart Cutter

Fellkin paused as the blade hovered over the boy's chest. "Be free" he whispered before plunging the serrated blade down. Flesh tore and ribs cracked as he sawed a rough circle. Setting the blade down beside the boy, he tossed the bloody mess to the bucket on the floor, before carefully lifting the heart from the jagged hole.

With his emmpty hand, he lifted the lid of the box, and set the bloody heart within. He smiled as he closed the lid and the box began to glow red. Blue flames burst from the hole in the corpse's chest and spread across his young flesh, darkening it as it went. When at last the flames reached his feet, they died down, flickering only in the blackened hole.

"Rise, and join the others. Tonight you go to claim the rest of your family and bring them to the peace you now know."

Heart Cutter
Dirk +2 Humanbane (additional 1d4 damage against humans)
Chaotic, Int. 12, Empathy
Special Purpose: Dominate Others
Natural Powers: Detect good/lawful within 40'
Comprehend Languages 1/day
Combat Power: Evisceration (damage dice explode on a 4)

This serrated blade was crafted by a wise and kind mage for an apprentice who was setting out on her own. Unfortunately, the mage's efforts were not entirely successful, and the blade warped the apprentice's mind. Eventually she was slain by a tribe of orcs, and Heart Cutter was lost.

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