Friday, May 2, 2014

Ancient Sagas of Everlance

Thunderday, 8th Arist, 1096 md.

Glory be to the ever just Maiden of Battle!

It is was a heavy heart that I find myself on my way to Caer Brennau for the funeral of my dear friend Gildas. His arcane power could never eclipse his joy of life, and he will be missed. I remember fondly the wide ranging discussions we’d have about the nature of reality. While he was leaps and bounds more intelligent than I, he seemed to find my insights helpful. I’ve never been sure why.

Swordsday, 10th Arist, 1096 md.

Blessed be the Blades of Gloriana! Their edges ever cut down the defilers of law and order.

The funeral of our friend was as to be expected. The rest of the day was not. I was one of several individuals announced as the heirs of Gildas, much to my shock. His love for us it seems matched ours for him. Yet this was spoiled by the intrusion of the Lord Warden’s men. The death of two of his constables coincided with our arrival.

The end result of this was remaining in the Lord Warden’s custody as “guests” until the truth of our words could be verified. As if the sworn word of the champions of 3 different gods was to be held with such little regard...

Saintsday, 11th Arist, 1096 md.

The Fiery Wrath of Gloriana was never so clear as in the dark of this morning!

The Lord Warden’s tune changed with the arrival of the great wyrm Galversharn who demanded to see Gildas. Suddenly the Lord Warden saw fit to accept us as Gildas’ heirs. The wyrm was in such a twisted state as one of its eggs had been taken. As Gildas’ heirs, we were to retrieve it within the next 2 weeks.

The suddenly helpful Lord Warden assisted in equipping us for our journey. As for our direction? To Gaer Anobaith to find the ranger Idhrenwen and enlist her help.

Moonday, 12th Arist, 1096 md.

The shining armor of Gloriana ever protect those who stride upon the field of battle!

Arriving in Gaer Anobaith with the setting sun last night, we bedded down at The Foamy Mugg Inn. The innkeep, Mugg Grimhammer told us that Idhrenwen wasn’t in town, but up in the mountains at or near Marmor Quarry.

Before dawn a loud noise roused us from our sleep, and we found goblins in the inn. GOBLINS! In town, apparently hunting us. With no time to don our armor, my godly companions and I grabbed our weapons, and in the tight confines of the inn’s hallway slaughtered the foul minions of chaos. Our less divine companions arrived fully armed and armored as the last of them fell upon our blades.

We then secured some assistance from Gaer Anobaith’s Guard Captain in the form of a pair of guardsmen who brought us to the foothills, and put us on the correct path as thanks for our assistance dealing with the goblins.

It’s disturbing that our assistance was necessary, and it does not bode well for the level of civilization to be found here. Even more so given that this incident follows so closely on the death of the two constables back in Caer Brennau. At the completion of our task, I may return to further investigate these issues.

Towerday, 13th Arist, 1096 md.

The glory of war may only be found among the learned and civilized. Those who aren’t are not worthy, and will be brought low.

Mountain travel on ponies isn’t the experience I was expecting. It is different than riding a horse, in some subtle ways.

In addition to some splendid views, our travel has allowed us to spend a great deal of time exploring a great many philosophical and ethical questions. As with any such discussion, few conclusions were arrived at, but the journey was profitable.

The end of the day found us at the top of a rise, looking across an open field split by a crevasse. A ruined stone bridge spanned the gap, and beyond Marmor Quarry….

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