Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scarab of Protection

The scarab pinned to the sorcerer's cape flashed as Feris' spell fizzled. The sorcerer smiled, and pointed his wand at Feris, sending a black bolt of energy that blasted Feris off of his feet, then split to catch the onrushing Rathgar and Allianora, knocking them both to the ground.

"Now, where did the other one go..." The sorcerer looked around. "Come out, come out where ever you-" his singsong chant ended abruptly as several inches of steel protruded from the front of his chest. "Oh, of course..." The sorcerer coughed once before falling to his knees. Nimble pushed the sorcerer off of his blade, face down on the floor.

"Ow..." Rathgar moaned, sitting up.

"'I can freeze the sorcerer so we can kill him' you said 'it'll work' you said. It didn't work Feris...."

"Apparently he was ready for that tactic, but it did distract him." Feris replied, without getting off of the floor.

"And you did kill him." Allianora pointed out.

"But I could have gotten hurt, or worse! We only just got the last warlock's curse removed, and my eyebrows still haven't grown back yet!"

Scarab of Protection

These ceramic items are most commonly known to protect against curses or magic missiles, however other varieties exist. When found they will have 2d6 charges. Roll on the following charts to see what protection they offer.

Scarab Type (1d12)
01-07 Lesser (roll a 1d6, 1d4 times on the chart below, doubles add 1d3 charges)
07-10 Minor (roll a 2d6, 1d3 times on the chart below, doubles add 1d3 charges)
11-12 Major (roll a 3d6, 1d2 times on the chart below, doubles add 1d3 charges)

Scarab Protection
01 Charm Person
02 Sleep
03 Magic Missile
04 Fear
05 Entangle
06 Hold Person
07 Blindness
08 Disease
09 Confusion
10 Polymorph Other
11 Poison
12 Curse
13 Feeblemind
14 Death Spell
15 Disintegrate
16 Geas
17 Flesh to Stone
18 1d6 extra charges and roll again

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