Thursday, July 12, 2012

Phoenix Shield

The torches in the cave burned with a purple flame, and seemed to make the shadows deeper and more sinister. Rathgar stood before a large warrior in plate. Sprawled out behind him lay Nimble, with Feris crouched over him. Allianora leaned against a natural pillar, one hand pressed against a growing bruise. Rathgar took several deep breaths before raising his sword and slamming it down on the warriors shield. In return the warrior’s mace swept up and caught Rathgar on the shoulder, sending him reeling to the floor.

“Step away from the thief” the warriors voice rumbled out of the closed helm. “I have no quarrel with you.” He stepped past the dazed fighter toward Feris and Nimble.

Rathgar kicked hard at the warrior’s knee, resulting in a satisfying cracking sound. The warrior cried out and dropped to the floor. He swung out at Rathgar, just missing his foot.

“Hey!” Feris yelled, now standing over Nimble. “Eat fire!” Flames shot from Feris’ hand, enveloping the warrior who screamed in pain. The flames wrapped wildly around his body, and Rathgar pulled himself away from the blistering heat.

The flames died, and standing before them was the warrior, completely unhurt, but without his shield. “You’ll pay for that, wizard!”

Shield of the Phoenix

This shield provides a bonus to all saving throws against fire equal to the shields enchantment. In addition, anyone who is killed by fire (magical or mundane) while holding the shield will be engulfed in a pillar of flame. When the fire dies down, 1 round later, the bearer of the shield will be at full health, but the shield will crumble to ash.


  1. I like that idea of a one shot killer use for a magical item. Especially if it's one that player can't just activate at will. Would you include that in the notes for the player, or just leave it as a nice surprise?

  2. I like the idea as well. I think I may use your idea and spin it another way though. I am thinking that when the shield is found it will have a very lifelike engraving of a person on it a percentage of the time. If the user of the shield dies their image will replace or appear if blank on the shield. Whatever criteria the DM feels like utilizing will allow the bearer to be brought back but the shield will be consumed.

  3. I like it. I think I'll add it to my next treasure trove, and keep it as a surprise.