Thursday, July 26, 2012

Claws of the Phoenix

The oni slammed both fists into the Zhu’s chest, sending him crashing back into a stone pillar, and falling to the floor. Zin used the opportunity to tumble past the demon’s tree trunk like legs, and kick back into it’s knees. The demon dropped down, reaching back to grab the monk. Wrapping his great hand around the monk’s ankle, the creature jerked Zin forward, smashing his face on the stone floor as he was pulled off balance. The oni pulled a kama from his belt with it’s free hand, and raised it up to strike the prone monk, stopping only when a blast of cold from the depths of hell gripped his upraised arm.

Zin twisted in the oni’s grip, kicking the demon in the face with his free leg. The oni’s head snapped back sharply. With a pop the oni straightened his neck, and snarled wordlessly through his tusked mouth. The creature lurched to its feet, lifting Zin by his held ankle.

Dangling Zin grabbed the kama tucked into the oni’s belt, and drove it deep into the demon’s gut. The blade burst into flame, and the oni howled, dropping Zin once again onto the stone floor.

It only sort of looks like this

Claws of the Phoenix

This matched pair of highly decorative kamas with red, orange, and yellow grips allows a fighter, thief, or mystic to either take a second attack at a -2 penalty, or to make one attack but roll damage twice, always taking the better roll. On a natural 20 the blades will burn with phoenix fire for 1d6 rounds and cause an additional 1d6 damage with every successful hit. They count as +2 weapons for determining what they can hit, but do not add this bonus to attack or damage rolls.

Use short sword stats for kamas.

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