Thursday, October 1, 2009

St. Gaxgy The Lawgiver

It has never been a big part of my games, but I have always included Saint Gaxgy the Lawgiver in all of my games.  In the pantheon he is usually a lesser god under whatever the main lawful good god happens to exist.  On the surface his shrines are almost always attached to the main temples, and there are very few who venerate him primarily.

Yet deep in the dungeons and caves of the world, where the forces of chaos (elemental or otherwise) threaten, all adventurers know his name, and many seek his blessing before they tackle their toughest challenges.  Because of this, many shrines to St. Gaxgy can be found deep underground.  Most of them are impromptu setups, but a few fully equipped shrines do exist, usually in the larger complexes.  

Shrines to St. Gaxgy give lawful characters a +1 bonus to their defenses and saving throws while they are within it.  Any character, after visiting a shrine to St. Gaxgy may call out to St. Gaxgy for a +1 untyped bonus to any roll.  Such a call must be spoken aloud by the player, and will only function once ever.  Examples of such pleas include "By Gygax's Beard!" and "Gygax preserve us!" but a DM should encourage creativity in their players pleas.


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  2. @Rainswept

    You are right, I was inconsistent. I didn't mean to be, at least not as much as I was. I've corrected the post to be consistent within the game.