Thursday, October 29, 2009

Megadungeon - Dwarven Hall

Last night I put some more work into my megadungeon and I've decided that I'm going to use the back story from the How to Host a Dungeon to build it around.  The dungeon under the castle is going to be but a small portion of the whole. The focus of the dungeon is in fact going to be the central shaft the dwarves dug down to mine the gold.  I've decided that this shaft was dug during a true golden age where dwarven magic and technology was well advanced from the current state of things, and excavating a shaft that is 60+ feet in diameter and miles deep with a spiraling stone staircase going down the enter depth was impressive, but not impossible.  It has become a well known feature, and many have delved into it's maw! Few, of course, have returned. 

Down the length of the shaft will be the entrances to the various levels of the dwarven halls, all the way down to the mines, and then even further down into the ruins of the dwarven city!  There will probably be some monsters that live in the shaft itself, and there will probably be plenty of wandering monsters on it.  I'm thinking the inhabitants of the various levels connected to the shaft wont try to defend the stairs near their lairs, but will have some pretty heavily defended doorways.  In fact, the stairs may very well be considered neutral territory... I don't envision the stairs having a railing.

Last nights work focused on one of the upper dwarven halls near the surface.

The shaft is shown to the far left of the image.  The central hall would have been the dwarves main feast hall, perhaps for several levels.  The room complex to the right would have been the lords residence.  The room at the bottom right will be a workshop room.  A forge & smelter?  The rooms along the top of the map will all be domiciles for those living on this level.  The irregularly shaped room to the top left I think might be a natural pocket that was used as a refuse room. I still need to add in stairs to a small vault level. 

I still wish I could map like Dyson.  The man is inspiring!!


  1. Thanks. Have you seen the map I drew from one of my How To Host A Dungeon games?

  2. I've seen and drooled over every map you've posted on your web site!!

    I think it was your map that actually led me to download the free version of the game.