Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kobold minis

There are a number of different kobold miniatures out there, from Wizards of the Coast's prepaints, to ral-partha, reaper, kenzer, and a whole host of smaller companies, but none of them really thrill me.  The WotC minis lack detail and definition, and just about everyone else goes for the more canine style.  Me?  I want kobolds that are truly draconic in appearance.

While I could just go ahead and do counters, and there are some excellent ones out there, I really like having miniatures to hold and paint.

One of the options I've been investigating is lizardmen.  Not the Games Workshop army, but generic lizardmen.  Too big?  Sure, in 28mm scale. But what about 20mm, 15mm or even 10mm scale?  There are some really nice figures being made in smaller scales that mounted on an appropriate base could fit the part.

One of the ones to catch my eye were the lizardmen from Magister Militum

There are also some interesting looking ones on this site: Comparing Lizardmen.  The pendrake lizardmen look pretty promising, and at least one guy, Rob, painted up some for his giant army.  

Anyone else out there ever try this?


  1. I prefer the old dog-faced kobolds you can find on the otherworld miniatures website, but using the Magister Militum figures would definitely work.

    It's a shame they have so few figure variations.

  2. I never cared for the dog faced kobolds. I never felt there was enough distinction between them and say ratlings, which fill a similar niche in my games.

    But to each their own!

    And it is a shame that there aren't more variations in their figures.