Friday, October 30, 2009

Dungeoneers Parchment

 He slid the parchment from the scroll case, unwrapped it, and spoke the word written on the case.  Rathgar looked over at the blank parchment as a simple line box appeared on it.

"Great.  It drew a box."  He rolled his eyes.  "Is this why we cleared out that nest of ghouls?"

"Oh yes" his robed companion replied.  "This parchment will keep us from becoming lost in any dungeon we explore from now on!"

Crafted from water and fire resistant parchment, this magic item will accurately map any interior location that it is brought into.  In order to activate the map it must be held, and the command word spoken.  It will retain the map that it has drawn for as long as it is held, and for up to 12 hours after it is dropped or put away, starting with the locations it first mapped.  If it is again held the map will retain whatever locations remain upon it, and the 12 hour clock is reset.  The map can also be erased by speaking the command word in reverse.  It is possible to make notes upon the map, but these will also be subject to erasure, no matter what was used to inscribe it onto the map.  If the map is damaged it will cease to record any further locations, and will act as if it has been dropped, even when held, until it is repaired. 

In 4e terms, this is a level 3 wondrous magic item.

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