Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fey Rings

"Old-wives tell of people who step into a ring of toadstools and are whisked into the dance of the fairy court for what seems a night, only to return many years later... if at all.  Well, I'll tell you that I've stepped into many of those rings, and I've encountered not a single fey, red cap, or dandelion eating eladrin.  But I have gotten some nice mushrooms for my stew pot!" Red concluded, ladling out another bowl.

The patrons of the tavern nodded, some smiled, and others took a spoonful of the aforementioned stew.  

A young man who just recently started visiting the Toothless Rat turned toward Red and spoke with a smile "Perhaps they just found you too unpleasant to whisk away?" 

Most of the time rings of mushrooms are just that.  However there is some truth to the old tales, though not many know the secret.  Fay rings can be used as temporary portals to the Feywild, which can be opened from either side.  The ritual to do so is a closely guarded secret held by many powerful lords and ladies of the fairy courts.  It is very similar to that of a teleportation circle, but it can only be cast at a location where the fey ring exists in both realms.

Fey Ring Portal (4e Ritual)
Level: 16                      Component Cost: 700gp
Category: Travel           Market Price: 1500gp (generally unavailable)
Time: 10 minutes           Key Skill: Arcana (no check)
Duration: 1 hour

This ritual opens a portal between a fey ring in the physical realm or the Shadowfell and the corresponding ring in the Feywild. 

Fey Ring Portal (D&D Rules Cyclopedia Magic Location)
These naturally occurring rings may only be activated by those of elven blood, and when the proper ritual is performed, they open a 2-way portal to an outer plane ruled by the faerie.

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