Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Stonehell: Crypt of Saint Ulther

Session 96 was played on 5/4

Koltic, Cleric 5 (Chris)
Jurda, wizard 1 (henchman)
Robin the Bard (0 Level human)

Koltic, following the return to town spent his time in the bars with his newly hired “bard” who told him of another dungeon, a small tomb of an ancient saint… Everyone else was busy, and Koltic was itching to do something… so off they went.

Near some old ruins, Robin showed him a cave behind some bushes. Within the limestone cave were some old bones, and footprints, both goblin and human. Navigating a tight passage, he emerges into a worked dungeon hall… Picking a door at random, he opened it, finding a dusty old devotional. Beyond was a simple tomb. Daring to open the sarcophagus, a skeletal hand wrapped in chainmail rached out. Koltic turned the skeleton to dust, and retried the suit of mail. Within it was a dagger, the pommel containing a tiny fragment of a saint's bone… a relic!

Of the 2 doors leading out of the tomb, one was sealed with wax, and Koltic decided not to open that one. The other door brought them to the tomb of the saint. The wall decorated with a mural of a bulging eyed man leading a ship to safety in a storm. Something… unnerving seemed to be hidden in the waters. The sarcophagus itself was more decorated than the previous one, but the body within was quieter. The saint had clearly moved on, and no treasure was entombed with his earthly remains.

Deeper into the tomb, they came to a door, barred from within. Goblin voices would be heard, but they didn’t reply to the “hello” that Jurda tried in Orc or common. Heading back around they stopped at another door (not the one sealed with wax) and opened it to reveal a long corridor of interred bodies resting in small niches. Unfortunately they were more restless than the saint. Thankfully Koltic’s turning dusted them before they could do any harm.

Circling back around to the hall, the goblin voices could be heard to the west. Quietly heading that way, Koltic saw a largish room, and within 4 goblins, and a giant ferret. The goblin holding the leash of the ferrit dropped it, and they all drew weapons. The ferret charged, with 3 of the 4 following right behind it. The 4th ran from the room out the back door.

The fight was fast and bloody, with one goblin landing a painful crit on Koltic, but they were cut down efficiently. However 5 more goblins came into the room just as the last of their friends was cut down. Koltic ran back to the devotional with his followers, and slammed the door shut behind him. The goblins seemed unwilling to try to enter on their own…

Grabbing the lid of the tomb, they set it up to half barricade the hallway into the devotional room… and then pull open the door. The goblins hesitate half a second before their hobgoblin master orders them in. The first goblin is dropped as it reaches the tomb lid, while Jurda takes a rusty blade to the leg, and she falls with a scream, the goblin on top of her. Robin skewers it on his rapier, but Jurda is out of the fight. Koltic takes another hard hit, Robin gets scratched, and the hobgoblin shoves his way forward over the dead goblins at his feat. Koltic takes the brunt of the attack, and then drives his mace solidly into the hobgoblin’s face with a meaty and messy swing.

It was enough… the goblins were dead… Calling on his god, he healed Jurda’s wounds, and she returned to consciousness. Next order of business was stripping the nice scale mail from the hobgoblin, and taking his sword, and then getting out of the dungeon. Koltic’s wounds were aching, and Robin needed a change of pants.

Gains: rusty chain mail, nice scale mail, serviceable broadsword (40gp in value total) magic dagger
Kills: Skeletons, Zombie, Goblins, Hobgoblin

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