Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Painting Ingrid

After converting Ingrid to better match the character she's going to represent (giving her a bow and rapier), last night I got to painting.

I started with thinned down brown liner, then went straight to the eyes with Linen White. Surf Aqua was used for her irises, and brown liner for the pupil. I painted her flesh with a 2:1 Warrior Flesh: Linen White mix. Her hair is Blond Shadow with highlights of Tanned Leather. Her lower lip is a 1:1 blend of her flesh tone with Old West Rose.

The armor, gloves, boots were painted with a thinned Rich Leather. The bow and scabbard are painted with a mix of Brown Liner and Rich Leather. Her cloak was painted with Mountain Stone, and then washed with a 1:2:2 mix of Grey Liner: Mountain Stone: Flow Improver.

Because I want to bring her to game on Wednesday and I was working on this on a Monday, and don’t think I’ll get any more time to work on her I picked out the end of the scabbard and the tips of the bow with Dragon Bronze, and gave the base a quick wet brush of Redstone Shadow.

Not bad for a night's work...

But D&D was canceled... So I got some more painting in!

Metallic bits on her armor were painted, and I did some cleanup on her skin tones.

Good enough for the table!

Total Minis Painted in 2018: 27

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