Monday, April 16, 2018

Deladrin, Female Ranger

Lately I've been thinking I want to wrap up the Bones 1 core set. This assassin, which looked more ranger-ish to me, was near the top of the pile, and ready to go, so out she came. I glued her to a base, and then onto one of my cork holders. She was already brown lined, so I started with Muddy Olive for the cloak, and Warrior Flesh for the face. Worked a bit on the eyes with Viper Green, and then decided that the scarf was going to be in the color of autumnal leaves, so she'd be a little more interesting than just muted browns and greens.

Same colors as before, just bringing them up in intensity.

Added in some Dragon Bronze and Shadowed Steel, and made her hair dirty blonde.

Coffee grounds added to the base for texture.

Painted up the base with a blend of Mountain Stone, and a muddy mix of browns.

With some yellow and brighter reds to try to look like fallen leaves.

I've since cleaned up the edge of the base, but that's it. She's done!

Total Minis Painted in 2018: 26

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