Monday, April 2, 2018

Countdown to Infinity War: Doctor Strange

This is the story of how Tony Stark, sorry, Doctor Stephen Strange, mechanical medical genius became Iron Man The Sorcerer Supreme.

It’s just so easy to get the two of them confused. Both are insanely intelligent, egotistical, self-centered assholes who think everyone is beneath them. Both are victims of their own arrogance. Neither ever actually reaches “humble” in spite of their setbacks.

Visually, this movie is a treat. From the cosmic colors to the kaleidoscoping landscapes to the rich textures of the fabrics used. There’s a lot to see, and every time I’ve watched it, I’ve appreciated the visuals more and more.

The storyline is… Okay. It didn’t really do anything new or exciting, and felt very much like what we’ve seen before. I wish it had pushed things further.

Kaecilius, the antagonist has a fairly clear motivation, if twisted. I kinda feel like this would have been a far more interesting conflict if the focus would have been better placed on the relationship between Kaecilius and Mordo, especially since Strange mostly was… just kind of there. Strange didn’t even want to be involved in the conflict, in protecting the world… He just wanted to heal his hands.

In that way, it kind of reminded me of Big Trouble in Little China. Jack Burton was clearly the bumbling sidekick of the movie, but as the camera was on him, it almost seems like he’s the hero. It’s the same with Strange… he’s just there, in the way, along for the ride, defending himself as needed, while Mordo fights to actually stop Kaecilius.

I did really enjoy a lot of the dialogue in the movie. When The Ancient One banishes Strange to the top of Everest, and Mordo says “Oh, no, not again.” Lines like that can tell you an awful lot about a character.

The back and forth between Kaecilius and Strange makes the movie, regardless of any other flaws.

End Credit Scene: Thor and Strange have a beer! Mordo decides there's too many sorcerers in the world... for... some reason... Not sure I follow that logic.

Next up: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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