Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ettin WiP

I’m doing far more painting for a D&D game that I’m playing in than I ever did for a game I DMed… And when she asks me “Do you have an ettin?” And my answer is “Not painted, but let me see what I can do…” this is where we end up.

I started with the usual hot soapy water scrub down, followed by assembly. I glued him to a 2” base, and added a rough gravel to cover what the integrated base didn’t. I then base coated him with Green Liner, my first time using it. The base got covered with brown liner, since I was using that for another figure.

Side note: Brown, Blue, and Grey Liners are my go to, as you’ve probably noticed. All 3 do a really good job with coverage and strength. So far I’ve found the Sepia and Green Liners to not hold up as well to handling.

After base coating him, I went to work on the face. Linen White for the eyes, and Dragon Red for the beard and hair.

I then mixed some brown liner with Ruddy Flesh and blocked in the fur and the wood of the clubs.

The chains, belt buckle (dwarven shield?) and knee armor I painted with Pure Black. The stones in the left club were blocked in with Mountain Stone, as were the 2 fish hanging from his belt. The spikes on the right club were painted with Bone. A bit of the Brown Liner/Ruddy Flesh was still in the well, so the bone color was a little darker than it is straight out of the bottle. I used the same color for the skulls on his belt, and the hands on his neck.

I then went over his skin with Wilderness Green. And here’s where I hit a wall. There’s something in my brain that says “skin shouldn’t be green!!” It’s weird… I’ve painted green skin before, but it’s usually something small like a goblin. Now I’m stuck with a relatively massive canvas.

So I looked for help, and found this blog post over at Sproket's Small World. While I have exactly none of the specific colors he used, it does a great job showing how and why he used the colors he did, and it helped my brain get over this weird roadblock.

Okay, that definitely feels better!

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