Wednesday, February 28, 2018

5e: On the road to Nightstone

From: Fulhoff of Clan Balderk
To: Helja and Adrik of Clan Balderk

Mother & Father,

As I indicated I would last missif, I have put aside my studies, and have joined my cousin Thorin. His efforts at advancing in his craft are seeing some surprising results, but not even enough to cover his bartab. To be fair, he's had more success than I. He's introduced me to a number of his companions here in town, including a halfling bard, a couple of humans, and even a forest elf, if you can believe that. Truly a more cosmopolitan environment than our mountain home.

The barkeep wishes a letter delivered to her brother, along with a cask of her finest ale a few days away. It's menial work, but... it pays better than it should.


On our way to Nightstone, the small town the barkeep's brother lives, we spotted a large vulture flying above. We investigated and found a dead elk wearing an odd circlet. It was inscribed with a winged snake. The bird was displeased with us bothering its lunch and attacked us. We slaughtered it. Only the human was willing to eat the disgusting carrion eater.


Nightstone is in ruins. Boulders smashed most of the buildings, and goblins were picking through the remains. We carefully investigated, initially avoiding confronting some wargs until we could attack them with some strategy. I wish I could report that my bold plan worked as I'd hoped, but my magic apparently isn't as strong as I'd believed. I charged forward, allowing the wargs to come to me, while the rest of the party held back and waiting in 2 different directions. I blasted them as they come close, but they resisted my Thunder Wave, and tore into me. Thorin and company came to my rescue, but I missed the rest of the fight.

We've also interrogated one of the goblins, and discovered that giants from the sky attacked the village. Gum-Gum is a sniveling coward, but... seems to afraid to lie. Whether she's too dumb to only tell is what we want to hear? We'll see.

Lastly, we also encountered another human who is also just arrived. Kella, who has a flying serpent... I find nothing trustworthy about her. By the Beard of the Great Digger, I trust the goblin more than this human, though she apparently did assist in the slaughter of the wargs. 

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