Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fulhoff of Clan Bladerk

Let me tell you about my character...

In the year Randal Morn wrested control of Daggerdale from the Zhents, my parents fashioned my form from the living rock. At least, that's what they maintain to this day. Unlike many of my fellows born in the same year, the Thunder Blessing did not result in my having a twin. I always took this to be a sign that there was something special that I was meant to do. Even my earliest memories there seemed to be signs and portents signaling... something.

My parents sent me to the temples for my early learning, and I took to the books with great pleasure. The sermons and lectures less so. While skipping out on yet another droning chant filled afternoon, I hid in the back of the library, and stumbled upon a tome of arcane words... I returned to that dusty corner every spare moment I could.

Meanwhile I trained like all who would protect the holy tunnels. Like many, I swung the hammer with joy. The years were quiet for our hold, and my studies continued. Finally, after nearly a half a century of study, prayer, and training the temple master sat me down and tried to break the news that I would never serve the gods as a cleric, but that, if I wished I might stay on as a lay priest.

As if I was some stupid child!

I refrained from laughing, and instead demonstrated what I had learned from those dusty forgotten books. My magic was impressive, if unfocused. It was enough, though, and for the second time I was sent away. This time to the surface to study under a wizard, to learn real aptitude. It was a quiet time of study and practice, with only a few distractions, including a goblin warband attack, and a troop of ogres that needed to be driven off. We had some help with each of those.

That lasted about a decade when one morning as I completed chores, a badger strode up to me.

Have you ever been stared down by a badger? Have you ever been stared down by a messenger of the gods? I have... and I knew I had delayed long enough. It was time to find the reason for my existence. The following day I received a letter from my cousin Thorin who was in a nearby city. I joined him there...

And that just netted me 100xp!

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