Friday, February 9, 2018

Roller Girl

This is Reaper's Roller Girl (DYOM) painted up in the colors of the Charm City Roller Girls. Now it isn't an exact match for their uniforms since the mini doesn't exactly match what they where, but it's a case of close enough for government work.

Why did I paint up a roller derby girl mini? It certainly isn't what I usually work on... not anywhere close, really. But a friend of mine is a roller derby ref, and so I painted this up for her. I mailed it out Monday, so she should have it by now.

I started off by washing in warm soapy water, attaching her to a 30mm base, and then cleaning up the mold lines. Like most Reaper minis, this was a relatively clean mini as far as mold lines goes. The worst one is the one running on the base between her feet.

I primed her with Reaper's brush on primer, and then started adding the colors. I didn't want her in a tiny bikini, so I painted her up as if wearing something more like a superhero costume. I also did something a little different for me, which was to start dark, and build up layers of highlights.

She came together fairly quickly, and I'm happy with how she came out.

Total Minis Painted this month: 6 (painted in January)
Total Minis Painted this year: 6

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