Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior

Fulumbar the Dwarf Warrior is an archetypical dwarf, yet at the same time manages to be a character with a distinct personality. He was a lot of fun to paint up.

As with most Bones minis I started off by washing and scrubbing him, then glueing him to a base. He base base boated in brown liner. I started by painting his face with a thinned Warrior Flesh, then went to work on the eyes, which I did a little differently. Most of the time I'll darken the socket, put a line of linen white across the middle, then add a dot of color wherever I want the eve focusing. This time I started with the darkened socket, then added the green of the eye, then added the linen white. I think it worked well for him, since he's giving such a strong side eye.

Then I went over the armor with a mix of blue liner and Oceanic Blue, and worked on the beard with Auburn Shadow. I then brought up the beard with Dragon Red, and just a bit of Fiery Orange.

His skin was brought up with More Warrior Flesh and Monster Maw. I went heavy on the Monster Maw on the nose, trying to indicate that he's well into his cups.

The leather items were painted with a combination of Rich Leather, Tanned Leather, and Desert Sand. The gems are painted with Viper Green (not my usual first choice, but I'd just gotten it and wanted to try it), mixed with Linen White and Brown Liner to change the tones and shine.

The horns are painted with Bone, mixed with Sepia Wash and Linen White. The cloak was painted with a base of Blue Liner, mixed with a bit of Oceanic Blue, then washed with Sepia, and brought up with Desert Sand.

The Fur on the helm and boots were painted with Auburn Shadow, and highlighted up with Desert Sand.

The armor was painted with Shadowed Steel, highlighted up with Mithril, and the gold was done with Dragon Gold highlighted up with New Gold. A bunch of the studs were done with Dragon Copper.

A fun mini, and my player who plays the dwarf in my stonehell game loves it!

Total Minis Painted This Year: 8

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