Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Frostgrave Werewolf, Hyena, and Rats (part 2)

I spent a bit of time painting up these furry minis! As I wanted, this was a wonderfully easy project. Part 1 (assembly, basing, and priming) found here.

First up, the rats. I don't actually need any more giant rat minis, but here they are. I really didn't give much attention to them, and it shows.

There's nothing wrong with them, but it was definitely a speed paint. Black eyes, splotchy blended browns for the fur, Monster Maw for the feet and tails Linen White for the teeth. The bases were dry brushed with Mountain and Stone grey, with a final light drybrush of Linen White. I'm not really thrilled with how much of the red-brown primer you can still see on the base... but they're done.

I spent more time on the Hyena.

I basically used the same colors as on the rats. Biggest difference was the tufted fur around its neck. I painted that a much lighter color, Linen White with Tanned Leather, and then washed it down with Sepia. Not sure the effect was worth the effort.

The werewolf got a lot more attention, but then he's a much bigger mini.

As with the rats and hyena, he's a blend of a whole mess of browns. I kept the back darker than the belly fur. It all got multiple sepia washes and highlights.

I tried to paint the head with the same color pattern as the whole werewolf. I got it close enough anyway... It really needs more flock/basing added to it. It's mostly going to be snow I think. Stained red of course!

Total Minis Painted This Year: 14

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