Thursday, September 15, 2016

Terrain: Library Bookshelves

My first attempt at bookshelves for the library scenario looked like this.

Not even done, and I can see it's not a great plan... It'll be a lot of work to make it look okay.

It needed to be simpler. So back to it. I have lots of these bits cut out...

Add a little hot glue...

And a spot of paint...

Not bad... a little unstable, and maybe too tall? Either way, they need something, so after a trip to the hardware store for some washers, I have this:

I need to put some paint on the washers, but they're much more stable now. I offset the washers so that the bookshelves could be placed back to back, making a spot wide enough for a mini to easily stand on. I'll need to trim the bottoms a little bit to make that actually work, but...

I think this is going to work!

1 comment:

  1. Cool bookshelf graphic, where did you find that?
    I think the books cases are looking pretty good. I do wonder if you'll end up with blue foam showing through on the top with any sort of scratches. Maybe put a thin layer of white glue on top as a protective coat?