Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reaper's BaseBoss!!

Reaper minis is at it again with another kickstarter! Don't worry, it isn't for a metric shit ton of Bones minis... this time it's for a metric shit ton of bases!

And, because reaper is awesome, they're doing a contest where they're giving away A Massive F**k Ton Of Round & Oval Bases to 10 winners! It's insanely easy to enter too...

What Can I Do With All Of My Bases?

Man, we can't think of everything but if you have an idea, email it to Here are just a few things you could do with all of your bases

Tile your bathroom
Bring back Pog
Play base Blind Man's Bluff
Use them as poker chips
Cover your neighbors car with them
Mount the most awesome figure you have ever painted on the most incredible base ever produced
Make an engagement ring and get married
Create assorted jewelry and hit a game con
Build a road
Fill your friends swimming pool
Trade them with friends
Perfect gift for that favorite mother-in-law
Anyway, you get the idea and all we need is your support!!

This was one of my entries:

Adding a little base to some overly acidic coffee.

So go! Pledge! Enter!

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