Thursday, September 1, 2016

Frostgrave: Adventures in a Frozen city

On Saturday, the usual suspects got together for another game in our Frostgrave campaign. As my poor necromancer and his apprentice bit the big one last game, I had to start out with a new 0 level wizard. However, my group decided to let me have my new wizard move into my old wizard's inn and take over the warband.

The scenario for the game was The Wizards Tower and The Crypt (where my just completed terrain piece took center stage). My warband never got close to the crypt, but from what I saw it spurred a lot of activity.

Queen Elsa of Arundel and her sister Princess Anna arrived at the gates of Frostgrave looking for something to help them better control their elemental powers!

Their initial impression of the city was a combination of awe and confusion. The layout of the buildings was baffling! But ahead of them was a tower that called out to Elsa. She had to get to it!

Elsa commands one of her treasure hunters to scout ahead, and gives her magical skates to manage on the ice (Fleet Feet). Anna tried to send the other treasure hunter toward a ruin with a blast of wind (Leap), but fails. The crossbowman take up covered positions.

On the far side of the tower a necromancer and his dark forces are also advancing toward the same tower. She can't let him have it.

Rathgar the man at arms takes the thug and thief toward a bridge that spans this part of the city. A skeleton looks down from the railing and begins to climb down toward them, while the thief climbs up to get a better view.

As Elsa approaches the tower, she spies a graveyard on the far side of it. Appropriate since that's where the necromancer was coming from. Her knight and the treasure hunters advance first, and Elsa tries to block the necromancer with a wall of ice, but injures herself.

Apparently the skeleton was originally carrying some treasure!

The necromancer summons an imp to harass Elsa, but it turns on his zombie, so Elsa and the treasure hunter begin their climb.

Over by the ruins, Anna and the crossbowmen spy another treasure, but also more of the necromancer's forces, and a skeleton. It charges Anna, but she easily shatters it's bones. Then she erects a wall of ice to try to block the necromancer's apprentice (hiding in the church) and minions from getting to her and the treasure. 

The other treasure hunter rushes over to assist Anna and bolts for the treasure. One of the necromancer's minions scaled the ruin, and claimed the prize. Anna zapped him with an blast of ice (Elemental Bolt), but failed to kill him.

Meanwhile the treasure hunter found a large iron cauldron with stuff in it, and starts hauling it down out of the tower. Elsa having experienced the magical field of the tower realizes it's keeping her from using her own magic, and starts to climb down.

The thief starts to make off with the treasure, but Anna's treasure hunter leaps up to catch him. Blocking the way is a man at arms, and from around the far side of the ruins rattle two armored skeletons (wandering monsters). Suddenly the treasure hunter is surrounded. He fights off the skeletons, and realizes he can't catch the thief at this point, so makes a run for it.

While all this was going on the animated skeleton dog Princess charged the necromancer, but he and the archer beat it off. This left him open, and one of the crossbowmen took a shot wounding the necromancer who drops to the snow. Elsa blasts the archer with an elemental bolt, but fails to kill him.

The necromancer's apprentice finally emerges from the church, only to be struck down by the crossbowmen.

Back at the bridge, the thief tosses the treasure off the side, and starts to climb down after it. 

Unfortunately he doesn't make it down before the game ends, and so it goes unclaimed.

Back at the inn Elsa and Anna go through the contents of the cauldron. It's stuffed with coins (170 gold) 2 books of magic containing the formulas for Steal Health and Banish, and scrolls of Steal Health, Circle of Protection, and Wizard's Eye.

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