Saturday, November 7, 2015

Secret Santicore 2015

On the off chance you're unaware, the beast of giving is back! What are your most secret (gaming) desires? And what desires are you willing to fulfil?

From the Santicore Blog:
TL;DR: Ask for a piece of game content, write a piece back in return. Link is below. Read the rules first, you impatient millenial.

Every year around this time, precious little gamemasters of all ages from around the world write Santicore asking for a piece of gameable content. But because Santicore is a busy abomination, he orders his minions to mix up all those wishes and send them all back. 

Little DM Bobby and Judge Susie must write or draw their very best response to the wish in their stocking or Santicore will come eat them up. You would think this discourages anyone from writing Santicore, but every year the mailbag is bigger! All the entries are then published in a free, non-commercial PDF for all to use! FAH-WHO-LO-RAY!

Please read the instructions below so that your expectations are clearly set and you do not end up as gristle between the teeth of the Santicore.

How it works

Everybody who wants in should click on the link at the bottom of this post and fill out the request form. Ask for one specific brand new piece of campaign material--a new race, a location, a one-shot adventure outline, a random table, whatever you want from fantasy, sci-fi, horror or other genre of role playing game.

Santicore will mix all the requests up and send them back out to the people who entered. Each participant will get an assigned request around November 16-18 from a Wrangler Hellf. Everyone then has until December 1st, 2015 to craft an answer to that request. That December 1st deadline is firm. So firm. Do not test the Santicore.

After the angelic and unimpeachable proofreaders have corrected the two or three mistakes that will be found amongst the many entries, a team of Paindeer will collect the entries all into a full PDF document. Because we are starting later than usual this year, the presents may not make it out until early 2016.

The Details


Saturday 14 November: You must fill out the form by this date or you're a spectator this year.
Monday 16 November - Tuesday 1 December: Write, draw, map and proofread.
Late 2015 - Early 2016: The pdfs are posted.


  • Don't post your request in the comments below or email it to ANYONE. Use the form (link below) or you will feel the spiny poisonous caress of Santicore's ball stinger.
  • By asking for something you are also committing to contributing something. Be sure you can follow through on that within the two weeks allotted. If you don't have time, ask your little cousin or your grandma to do it.
  • One request per person. Santicore likes the taste of people who break this rules.
  • Be as specific, but don't strangle the creator's freedom. That said, if you need something that's safe for work/kids, be sure to mention that up front.
  • Proofread your request as you fill out the form. Or you could end up with stats for a new lemon dord.
  • System neutral is preferred but not required. Some OSR games are almost interchangeable so unless you need something specifically for your game's quirky magic system or something ask for "generic OSR fantasy." That said, we will try to honor system specific requests.
  • Don't get greedy. Asking for a game location or small dungeon is is cool, but you won't get a whole mega-dungeon. Santicore doesn't care how bad you've been. Requests for tables might come back as a d12, d20 or d100 but we will leave this up to the respondent according to his or her ability to fulfill. If you just want art or a map, go ahead and ask. We know a few people.
  • It's not just about elf games! While Secret Santicore sprang from the loins of the OSR DIY movement, there's zero reason you can't request something for your sci-fi/supers/horror/whatever-game. You don't have to request fantasy or D&D-specific stuff. I bet anybody could handle a sci-fi or super request--but just be aware that the pool of people responding to your request will be the pool of people who read Playing D&D with Pornstars.
  • Each requester's name and e-mail address will be in the final pdf next to the entry unless the requester specifically asks otherwise. We will use what you put in the form, as your name but be sure to put in your real email address even if you don't want it published


  • Proofread and correct your entry before submitting. You'll loose respect if you're writing isn't quiet up too there expectations.
  • By asking for something you are also committing to contributing something. If you commit to something - a request, or helping out behind the scenes - then find you can't come through with the goods that's perfectly okay, life happens, as long as you let us know as soon as you know. CONTACT YOUR WRANGLER HELLF.
  • All human undertakings involving interactions between strangers involve a capacity for misunderstanding and idiocy. Secret Santicore is a gift horse. DO NOT LOOK IT IN THE MOUTH. No bad-mouthing people for what they ask for or provide. Serious and simulatory requests may get gonzo answers, gonzo requests may get serious answers, c'est la vie. If you're worried, try to be specific in your request so you get something you can really use.
  • None of this stuff should get used commercially unless the person who wrote it gets paid.
  • This is Open Content.
  • We reserve the right to completely fuck this up, but will try very hard not to. If we get swamped with requests, it might be Saint Penanggalantine's Day before we publish. We'll do our very best.
Still got questions? Contact Chris Weller via Google+ post or email chrisweller at the good old gmail dawtkham. OR you can contact Christopher Wood via Google+ or email him at Grinnock at that same "Gee, male!"

And back to me. CLICK HERE to go to the blog, and tell Santicore what you're willing to do, and what you'd like.

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