Thursday, November 12, 2015

#6MMRPC More Terrain

Progress is slow going so far with the terrain. Scribing in the fieldstones for the huts and their platforms was way more time intensive than I expect it to be. Bit at least they're done and assembled. I think the rest of my terrain will be more brick shaped, just to save myself the time and effort.

Now that they're done, I'm getting back to the 6 statues in the 12" ruins.  The statues themselves are based on a square plastic base with the plinths made up of white and pink foam. Each will be magnetized so that I can pop them off the plinths and use them elsewhere. This probably isn't something that you'd need to use for most statues, but seems to make sense for these. Also, it allows the plinths to be used as the 6 columns. Double duty FTW!

The ruins are going slowly. I need to scribe the bricks into the walls and floor before I really start assembling everything together. And I've only just decided what's going to be on the floor of the ruin... I'm hoping to have the major construction done before the week is out. And at some point I'm really going to need to start painting this stuff.

Once this is finished, I'm going to move onto the wizards tower!

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