Thursday, November 19, 2015

#6MMRPC More Frostgrave Terrain

Lots more progress on the terrain. No painting though...

Teleport pads. They're actually primed black now, so I guess I did a little painting this week...
Testing out a bookshelf concept. I liked it, but it needed a little tweaking. 
Floor of the raised ruin. I added texture to it after scribing in the tiles and symbols.
I made a measuring jig for the popsicle sticks. 
Making sure the stick is in flat.
Drawing lines

And cutting. 
And cutting... Works well on the foam too. 
Sides of the ruin.
Side of the ruin scribed. 
Beginning to glue the ruin together. Note the 4 corner columns being glued together.
Scatter terrain based. 
And the statues with magnet installed. 


  1. Looks brilliant, I'm just getting into FG myself, and this looks very inspiring, what did you use for the walls/floor?

    1. The white stuff is just foam core. with the paper stripped off. The greenish-blue stuff is insulation foam from Lowes.

  2. Wow, that floor tile with the inlaid pentagram looks fantastic!

  3. Man, I'd love to have my own electric saw but I've nowhere to put one!

    I enjoy seeing WIP terrain like this. Very nicely done thus far.

    1. It's really nice to have. And honestly, I'd forgotten I still had it until just the other night!

      Glad you're enjoying seeing it all come together.