Monday, August 24, 2015

#6MMRPC Week 12: Kaladrax's Base

Given my limited time this week, I'm going to call my progress a win. Especially since I don't really like the base. Actually, it isn't the base that bothers me, it's the way Kaladrax stands on it. Both of the connecting points are on his left side, which means he leans to the right.

So my plan is to (eventually) build a ruined tower base for him out of Hirst Arts blocks, and have him perched on top of it. However, that isn't a part of my 3 Dragons project, so for now I'll use the base he came with.

In earlier pictures, it looked like this:

Pretty bad start.... So I took those cheap craft paints you see there, inventively named 'dark grey' and 'grey' and went to town.

I've also decided that I couldn't deal with the over-sized skulls and treasure, so they're getting covered over with foliage.

As for Kaladrax himself (not pictured), I still need to finish with the gryphonne sepia. Then I will bring up the highlights. My plan is to use Dirty Bone, Graveyard Bone, and Splintered Bone as the increasingly lighter highlights. After that... I think I'm done! Aside from being massive, he isn't a very hard dragon to paint. Just intimidating.

And since I still can't find Hyrekia (metal) or the Bones Hyrekia's arm and staff, I'm going to paint another sorceress in her place. Like the base, it's only a temporary placeholder.

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