Monday, August 3, 2015

5e WNW: Finally a Reward!

5e WNW - Session 19 of the weird new world campaign was played on Friday 7/24 (game was skipped on the 17th to go see Ant-Man)

The party consisted of the following:
Nessendra, Wood Elf Cleric 5 (Erindale)
Kethra, Human Fighter 5 (Nikki)
Bach, Dragonborn Warlock 5 (Erik)
Riia, Human Ranger 5 (Hanna - Absent, kindly played by Allison)
Guy Noir, ½ Elf Rogue 5 (Nadia - Absent, kindly played by Julia)
Anya Bowen, Tiefling Ranger 5 (Allison)

After recovering from their harrowing encounter with the waterfall back in the storage room, the adventurers once again brave forth into the depths of the Citadel of Chaos. Retracing their steps they come to a large door opening into a massive hall. The hole in the ceiling allows light to enter, revealing ancient rotted banners, barely clinging to the poles they're hung from. The floor was littered with overturned tables, benches, broken crockery, and deadfall from the mountain blown in through the hole. Tucked in the brace of support beams holding the ceiling, a giant bird's nest, over the edge of which peaked two women's heads. Their stringy greasy hair hung limply over their sore spotted faces... faces that quickly twisted from confusion to glee, and in their glee they began to sing a most wretched song!

"Harpies!" Kethra called out, slapping her hands over her ears.

Guy, of course, was instantly enchanted by these beautiful ladies, and wanted nothing more than to be with them RIGHT NOW! Everyone else made their saves...

The harpies took off from their nest, flying about the roof of the hall, and dropping stones on anyone why entered the room. Unfortunately for them they took hits left and right, and quickly decided that survival was worth more than defending their nest, and took off for the hole. One made it out, only to catch one final shot in the back, sending her crashing to the roof. Helping Guy off the wall was the next challenge. He'd climbed up halfway to the nest.

Guy pulled down the nest, and rifled through the mess within. Thankfully there was no baby harpy or even an egg to deal with. Even better, there was some coinage and a few gems!

Exploring deeper into the citadel, the party, after finding numerous empty rooms, comes to another large chamber coursing with oil-slick rainbow colored lightning. Beyond the lightning dividing the room stood several creatures. Guy advanced to talk to them. After a brief conversation with the obscured creatures, Guy discovered they were really into pain. Maybe even more than Guy was able to handle. Right about this point, Bach got bored and blasted one of the pillars that seemed to support the wall of lightning. With a bright flash, the lightning ended.

2 hulking cyclopean monstrosities with a curving horn protruding from their foreheads flanked a pair of smaller lanky figures covered in spikes, thorns, barbs, and piercings. Kethra charged forward to help defend Guy, while Anya tried to get in front of Bach before he could get hurt. Anya wasn't quite fast enough, and one of the hulking beasts charged forward, goreing Bach, and sending him flying back onto his ass.

Kethra faced off against the other hulking brute, while Guy engaged the spiky one. Anya went toe to toe with the other spikey one, who'd joined his hulking friend, while Nessendra did her best to take down the hulk that had gored Bach. Back, still laid out on the stone stairs that stopped the brute's toss, shot eldritch blast after blast.

"What's going on?" Zugun called out from the hallway.

Riia joined Anya up front, just as Guy took a mighty blow dropping him into unconsciousness. At this, Nessendra called upon Corellon's power to heal everyone, and shortly after that the first of the hulks fell, followed quickly in turn by the other. The spiky guys took a little longer, but they fell a few rounds later.

Beyond stood a pair of brass doors covered in runes of the dark tongue, warning all against entry. Zugan, once having the scene described to him confims that this is the armory he spoke of. When the doors were opened a sense of peace and rightness washed over the party. Within, a shrine to the gods of order, and an assortment of magical treasures! Guy received the ring of free action. Bach donned the cloak of displacement, and Anya swapped her armor for a suit of scale mail of force resistance.

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