Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Spell: Heart of Fire

Narthrex fell back onto his throne, burnt bones clattering in his robes as his body collapsed into ash. A ruby fell from the blackened finger bones, coming to a stop at Feris’ feet. The stone pulsed with barely contained energy and even through his boot Feris could feel it’s radiating heat. The stark blue-white glow of the were-light warred with the flickering red of the ruby’s glow.

Rathgar slumped to the floor with a deep sigh as bits of scorched flesh, cloth, and leather flaked off of him. Allianora knelt down and prayed behind him, smoothing over and restoring his charred flesh.

“Guys…” Nimble whispered urgently “Someone’s coming.” He paused and listened more intently “many someones.”

"I'm out of healing magic" Allianora said softly as she stood and tightened her grip on her mace.

"I'm low on spells too" Feris said, his eyes locked on the gem at his foot.

Rathgar pushed himself to his feet "Can you use that?"

"Let's find out..." He took the stone in his hand and looked up, his eyes burning. "We've got this."

Heart of Fire
Fourth Level Magical Spell
Range: 0
Duration: Special - See Below
Effect: Caster is elementally enhanced

The caster literally burns with an inner fire, shining light as a bright torch, cause 1d6 points of damage to anyone within 10’ of them every round, and can toss a firebolt every round (2d4 damage, range 20/40/60). In addition, the wizard is immune to fire damage (even dragon fire) and takes only half damage from cold/water based attacks.

The caster may maintain the spell for as long as they like, so long as they cast no other spells or fall unconscious. When the caster ends the spell they must make a saving throw vs Spells or suffer 2d4 damage for every minute the spell was maintained.

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