Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bits and Bobs XXV

It's been a long time since I did a link dump, and I've got a ton of open tabs that I need to close out, so back to it!

Because it's funny, and could happen so quickly in any D&D game too...

The Redneck Tree... is just terrible.

After almost a full year, Bat of Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets is back!!

Need a few magical trinkets to spice up that boring pile of gold? The Goblin Punch has you covered with 100 minor magic items.

C- over at Hack & Slash had some thoughts on Special Snowflake Settings. Personally I like the idea of Drizzt and Elminster and all the other overpowered heroes of the FR being nothing more than legends or the dime novel heroes (that they are) who don't really exist in the setting.

Healing potions are kinda boring. To the point that they're in the 5e PHB for a mere 50gp. Now, as a player I don't mind being able to pick them up for cheap, but sometimes, as a DM, I like something a little different. Eric over at the Dragon's Flagon has some healing potion variants that I'm probably going to steal for my games.

Sith Apprentice for 5e? CR2? Found appropriately enough over at Cross Planes. This guy is definitely going to show up in my Wednesday night game.

"I'm Batman!" Maybe not JLA Batman, but early career Batman? Ed the Chainsaw Chirugeon's got that background written up for your 5e game.

Want something a little less "My parents are DEAD?" in your background? How about a Country Squire or a Dandy background? Jack at Tales of the Grotesque and Dunegonesque

Speaking of Star Wars, if you enjoy the d6 version, Venger went and uploaded a revised, expanded, and updated document that is most impressive. It's definitely worth snagging. I'm considering making a hard copy for myself, though at 506 pages, it's a hefty tome.

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