Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#6MMRPC week 18 Rust Monster & Duke Gerard

I've been slacking on chipping away at the 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge. The last time I put brush to minis in 2014 was in late November, working on the Dork Tower and Knights of the Dinner Table minis. The KotDT minis are almost done, but I barely started on the DT minis.

This past weekend, I wanted to get back to it. So I pulled everything back out and got ready to paint. I looked at the KotDT and DT minis and felt completely uninspired. The KotDT minis are so small, with so little detail… I just… couldn't do it.

I know part of this is because I really want my shipment of Bones II minis. There’s no single good or logical reason for this, as I have a couple of thousand minis (realistically somewhere between 1200-1800 minis) that need painting. Another 200+ really aren't going to make all that big a difference. But still… I want them! In particular I’m really looking forward to the skeleton king on the throne and the swamp troll!

So I looked through the Bones I minis I've got that are still unpainted (lots!) and picked out 2 that I thought would be relatively quick and easy to paint up: the Oxidation Beast and Duke Gerard.

The oxidation beast has been base coated in, appropriately enough, Rust with Scaly Green on the feathery bits and the tail. These have been further highlighted with various shades of pale blues and greys. The exoskeleton was washed with thraka green wash. The eyes are black.

Duke Gerard I approached as I would have a Space Marine character from the Ultramarines. Bold, bright, clean. I used honed steel as the base color for the all the metal bits, washed with blue. The tabard is going to be a purple with an orange stripe. The quartered shield will also be purple and orange, continuing my theme of halloween heroes that I started with Halbarand the Cleric.

I'm pretty much done with the Oxidation Beast, but Duke Gerard is still only about half done. I really need to build a light box...

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