Thursday, August 7, 2014

#RPGaDAY 1-7

I'm a little late getting to this, but I didn't want to let it slip by completely. So here's my first 7 items!

1st - First RPG Played

D&D Classic Edition that came in the black box with that wonderful red dragon leaping up.

2nd - First RPG Gamemastered

The same as #1

3rd - First RPG Purchased

My first RPG purchased was FASA's Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, 2nd Ed. (1983) which I picked up sometime around... 1987 or early 1988. I really had no idea what it was, but I knew I loved the new Star Trek, and it was a Star Trek game, so I had to buy it (probably with birthday money).

4th - Most recent RPG purchase

DCC's Sailors on the Starless Sea and the One Who Watches From Below

5th - Most Old School RPG owned

Swords and Wizardry, probably. Though I think my Rules Cyclopedia is a close second.

6th - Favourite RPG Never get to play

Star Wars (d6)

7th - Most “intellectual” RPG owned



  1. Guess I don't know any cool kids. What is #RPGaDay? Blog Carnival? How do you know what the day themes are?


      It's sort of a blog carnival thing.