Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ancient Sagas of Everlance: No dignity in jail or death

This update covers sessions played on 7/27 & 8/3. The current cast of character is as follows:

Brother Caswyn - Priest of Gloriana
Myshkin - Paladin
Beska - Wizard
Gifilte - Monk of love

6th Erstdain, 1096 md.

Gloriana rewards those who fight with honor and intelligence. Fools are relegated to the charnel pits.

Once again, rain. Since the cave is only a couple of miles out of town, we’re going to walk, rather than take the horses out in this mess. With some skill and luck we’ll find the dagger and be on our way.

6th Erstdain, 1096 md. (continued)

Praise be to Gloriana for forgiving the foolishness of her less than humble servant.

We found the goblin cave easily enough. We also attempted to find the farmer, but didn’t spot him or his house. The cave proved well stocked with what I can only presume was stolen goods. It was also well stocked with goblins. We barely made it out alive. We’re now back at the inn with the dagger, dried off, and I’m looking forward to something warm from the kitchens.

7th Erstdain, 1096 md.

Gloriana does not tip the scales of justice. They will balance fairly under the bright light of day.

We were arrested for theft of the dagger. The farmer Thale Gorfin claimed he spied us on his land. Since we did in fact have the dagger, the local sheriff felt that he had the right to haul us all into his cells.

We were then brought before the local magistrate, and released. I have little hope that Thale Gorfin will face any consequences of making a false report, or harboring goblins on his farm. The lack of respect shown to 2 priests and a paladin (and a mage) is, frankly, astounding.

This is the final entry in the journal. Brother Caswyn fell in battle against a horde of goblins. The battle was fierce, and his sword deadly, but luck was not with him, or his companions. Each was felled in turn, even as the goblins numbers dwindled. Only the intervention of the ½ elven ranger Kelmar saved his companions.

In the WORST turn of luck I’ve seen in a long time, I managed to roll three 1’s in a row, and somehow managed to fumble so badly that Caswyn cut the back of his own knee open, and bleed out for 1d12 damage/round for something like 6 or 8 rounds. He had 12hp (I think) total.

The rest of the party was either dropped to 0 or knocked unconscious with only 2 or 3 injured goblins remaining. Rather than do a full on TPK, Mario (the DM) decided to let my next character (Kelmar) show up just as the last member of the party dropped.

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