Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kicking it DCC style

There are a couple of kickstarters going on right now that I wanted to point out to everyone.

The first is Peril on the Purple Planet adventure boxed set for DCC, though at this point it is much more an entire setting box set... and there's only about a day and a half to go. It's already reached it's goal, and all 9 of the original stretch goals, and it's now working on it's 10th.

It's written by Harley Stroh, Daniel J. Bishop, Tim Callahan, Edgar Johnson, and Terry Olson. Pretty impressive lineup...

Currently the boxed set contains:
  • Peril on the Purple Planet, the adventure module with an amazing three-panel wraparound cover and a three-panel fold-out gatefold map. 
  • Tombs of the Ancients, containing five mini-dungeons to be explored on the Purple Planet. 
  • Lost Tech of the Ancients, which contains an array of lost technology to be discovered on the atavistic Purple Planet. 
  • Bestiary on the Purple Planet, which contains a plethora of new enemies for your characters to battle in their explorations. 
  • Ecology of the Kith, with additional material on the bestial hordes that savage the purple plains, their ascendant masters, their glorious past, their degenerate present, and their refugee tribes. 
  • Mysteries of the Purple Planet, detailing at least 50 adventure hooks and random encounters, to give the judge inspiration for side treks, explorations, and entirely different adventures on the Purple Planet 
  • A book of handouts depicting scenes of the Purple Planet 
  • Magic of the Purple Planet. The reach of deities and patrons is not infinite, and the constellations familiar to terrestrial wizards are not easily located in the skies of the Purple Planet. So too are there great powers in the tech-laden world of the Purple Planet, whose mystical leanings are awakened by the arrival of the PCs… 
  •  The Purple Underplanet, describing adventures beneath the surface of the Purple Planet: monsters and races that have sought shelter from the weirdling sun, and their treasures and lairs 
  • A custom-printed three-panel Purple Planet judge's screen
All for $50. Pretty sweet compared to $50 for a D&D Player's Handbook.

On the mini side of things, Mantic is doing a kickstarter for their new dungeon exploration game Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest.

prototype picture

To me it looks a lot like HeroQuest, a game I spent 5th grade completely obsessed with. This one has a bigger buy in at $100, but just under 3 weeks to make your decision. Keep an eye on this one, it's knocking through stretch goals like crazy.

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