Friday, May 9, 2014

Review: Treasure Planet

I was sorting through a bunch of paperwork, and I wanted something on in the background that I didn’t really have to pay attention to. Netflix is great for this sort of thing, and I ended up picking Treasure Planet, and I’m glad I did. I always ignored it before as just another retelling of Treasure Island… which it is. However it’s fantastic as a Spelljammer style movie, or even Star Wars (if you ignore the ship designs). How so? Well, let’s start with the ships:

The aliens are all the sort of weird you’d expect to see in a Spelljammer setting, including humanoid dogs, cats, rocks, and weird nosed things, and the even weirder ones.

Technology-wise there’s less magic than you'd expect in a Spelljammer setting, but it wouldn’t be all that hard to reskin things. However checking out Silver’s cyborg parts you can see how this would fit in with Star Wars really well.

Plus check out this little robot/droid.

And Jim's Solar Sail Board

The story? Well, it’s Treasure Island, so it’s a good story, but there aren’t any shocking twists. I would say that it’s worth viewing just for the visuals.

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