Monday, March 31, 2014

A to Z: Strange New Worlds

Tomorrow starts the A to Z Challenge. I wanted to give a basic primer on the format of my posts. For the next month all of my posts (except on Sundays) will look kind of like this.

System Name: This will be the common name of the system, and the name the primary planet will be known by.

Sector: This numerical address corresponds to the system’s location on the map I drew for the sector.

Star Number & Type: Stars will be classified using the Morgan–Keenan system which should look familiar

Planet Number & Type: Planets will be orbiting the primary star (first listed) unless otherwise noted. Planets will be typed according to the S&S class descriptions:
A,B,C: young, newly formed planets
D: Lifeless, might have atmosphere
E: Primitive, single celled life
F: Desert World
G: Water World
H: Habitable, Star Trek M or Minshara class
I: Superworld
J, K, L, M: Jovians, small to large
N: Rogue
O, P, Q: Wild planets (think the Genesis planet)
R: Restricted, classified by the Federation (the planet of the Guardian of Forever)
S: Rocky worlds with silicon based life
T: Ice worlds
U: Former class H worlds that are inhospitable due to environmental destruction (gamma worlds)
V: Weird, out of phase/time etc.
W: Planetoids
X: Hell worlds
Y, Z - Special (for the DM to determine)

Inhabitants: Name and description of the dominant sentient lifeform. Will often use the bumpy foreheads from S&S2e.

Description: Description of the primary place of interest

Adventure Seeds: Things to do to your players

I hope that you enjoy it!


  1. "Things to do to your players."
    Evil laugh going off in my head...

    Stopping by from the #atozchallenge !