Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm an OSR Superstar!

Tenkar announced the entries that made the first round cut, and I'm on the list!

Sort of. I'm listed as "Davis Brawley - The Jester Laugh" when it should be "David Brawley - The Jester's Laugh"

Ehh, close enough. But now I have to think up a monster for Swords & Wizardry... and I've been completely focused on getting my Strange New Worlds A to Z challenge posts written. I'm so not in the fantasy mindset right now. I've been watching some DS9, Farscape, and Outcasts to help get me in the right mood, and it's been working. I've already finished through K.

Anyway, here are the two items I wrote that didn't make it.

This enchanted 2 handed hammer causes 2d4+2 damage, and gives a +1 to hit. It will always force open a stuck door, and has a 4/6 chance of opening locked doors. Using it on a door will result in a random encounter roll (as appropriate).

Enchanted Thread
This spool of embroidery thread can be used to create a variety of magical items. Each spool is enchanted to a certain power level, corresponding to a level of wizard spell. A wizard may use the threat to create a scroll of any spell he knows (1 day/level) of the correct level. Clothing may be embroidered to provide various magical protections (AC bonus, resist heat/cold, etc.). In rare cases, wizards have embroidered the skin of a living being (themselves included) as a form of temporary body enchantment.

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  1. I love the enchanted thread, especially if you follow the logic back for quest purposes. To make enchanted thread, you'll need the magic fleece of the magic sheep...but you can't shear the magic sheep unless you have scissors made of mermaid's gold...and so on. A whole series of adventures just out of somebody's need for an enchanted overcoat!