Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

2013 was a pretty good year for The Tower of the Archmage, but I think 2014 is going to be even better!

I have a Castles & Crusades game that I'm getting into online.
There are a couple of in-person campaigns that are struggling to get started. I think that with the holidays behind us, it'll be easier to actually get together and roll some dice.
I'm running a game at the Charm City Game Day on the 11th, which will be my first time running a convention game.

All of this means lots of material to write about!

I've created the catalog list of my monsters, but I still need to do the magic items this year, and I'd still like to get something put together as a combined PDF. That's currently a back burner project, but we'll see what the year brings.

I've been doing some painting of minis, which you've seen if you follow me on G+. I'll be sharing more of that here as I get some decent pictures, rather than my crappy cell phone camera shots. I expect there will be more minis in 2014, with write-ups!

So what do I really want to see come out of the Tower this year? What's on the front burner?

More monsters, more magic, more NPCs.

Same old, same old... right?

Not exactly. I want to shift focus away from random things as I think of them, and instead put together some more adventures like the Madness of the Frogmen Adventure, or the Watery Palace of the Ooze Behemoth: Pearly Spiral of the Endless Hunger (level 5). Short adventures, sidequests, 1 page dungeons, adventure locations... that sort of thing. Since those take a little more work, I expect that I might take a bit of a hit in my post count, but if I can actually put something out once a month, I'll be thrilled. My goal here is up to 8 pages per product. I'll probably need to look at something other than Word to do it with...Any suggestions?

I hope your New Year is full of good friends & good games!

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