Friday, January 3, 2014

Bits & Bobs XIX

Dyson wrote about the Summon spell from Lamentations of the Flame Princess, a particularly scary first level spell that has the potential to go sideways very quickly. If you've never seen it, go download LotFP now (it's on sale), and come back. Ready? Ok! Did you read the spell? Like I said, scary. However doing that up on the fly can bog things down a little. Conveniently, there's this handy little generator for the Summon Spell by Ramanan Sivaranjan of Save vs. Total Party Kill.

If you've ever needed inspiration for the haunted garden of some dark elves, check out this video from Darkrose Manor.

Over at Necropraxis Brendan wrote up a variant Assassin class that makes extensive use of poisons. It's an amazingly simple execution that still manages to make the assassin demonstratively different from the thief. I've never played an assassin, or even had one played at a game I've run, but I'd give this one a try.

How often do fantasy characters ride something other than a horse? In books it happens way more often than I see at the table. I think this is because most games don't get to the level where riding a dragon, or even a griffon, tends to come up very often. But why not an elk, or a giant rabbit, or a clockwork steed? Paul over at the Blog of Holding has put together a list of fantastic steeds for low level characters. Actually, it's 2 lists, since he covers both riding mounts and war mounts.

Speaking of the fantastic, you know that orc guarding a pie in the 10x10 room? Did you ever think it might be a magic pie? Honestly, I don't know how Konsumterra of Elfmaids and Octopi manages to put out so many d100 lists. In addition to the pies, there's also d100 post crash space habitat modules and d100 forgotten temples and bleak ruins just to name a few.

And continuing on the topic of random tables, Needles of the Dark Corners of Role Playing has a Random Selection of 1d20 Sword and Sorcery Minor Treasures For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaign. 14 is my favorite.

Gus L from the Dungeon of Signs has a d100 table of minor science fantasy treasures. I know I'd want #74 Undead animate human hand in wire cage. If released proves docile and an exceptional mixologist – has no other skills and cannot be ordered about.

And finally garrisonjames of Heretic Works has a nasty monster called a Malevolent Vestige. Just the creepy sort of thing to make PCs really nervous.

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