Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free RPG Day Swag

There are days when things just come together... someone drops chocolate into peanut butter, strawberries onto shortbread, Neil Gaiman and Terry Moore, and even Gygax and Arnson. Today is one of those days...

Today is Captain Picard Day, and Free RPG Day!

So what did I end up with?
"Dead in the Eye" adventure from Wizards of the Coast
The Dungeon Crawl Classics quickstart and adventure
Gaming Paper's "Slavers of the Sunken Garden", Pathfinder Adventure
Catalyst Game's Cosmic Patrol RPG Quickstart
Q Workshop d12
Columbia Games Harn World Map

Today is a good day, Mr. Worf!

But wait! There's more! I also got in the mail my laminated card stock minis from the Monster Stock Art kickstarter project!!

And on top of all of that Occult Moon has made their Toys for the Sandbox #21 Great Bridge free today only! What's it about?

Along an arduous, and dangerous trade route through the great southern mountains is a small town where merchants can meet each other halfway. Constructed on an ancient bridge built by some gigantic race the town of Great Bridge provides a place for commerce, a warm meal and possibly adventure.

Have a Happy Captain Picard Day!


  1. Boy...if you want to get rid of any of that extra swag, feel free to holler. I'll take it off your hands in nothing flat. (grin)

    1. (I'm not trying to be greedy...I wasn't able to attend my FLGS event because of some family issues.... I'm jealous of ANYONE that was able to attend!)

  2. That Harn map is a thing of beauty. I got that, the Shadowrun/Battletech quick start, the Cosmic Patrol quick start, the C&C adventure, and the DCC adventure. I gave the Shadowrun/Battletech one to a friend of mine who is very much into Battletech.