Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bits and Bobs V

Are you a fan of Labyrinth Lord or Mutant Future? How about exploring the final frontier? In that case Have I got the chocolate and peanut butter for you! Starships and Spacemen is being made by Goblinoid Games. Right now they're in their playtesting stage, and they are crowd-funding it on indigogo. A pledge of $5 will get you a PDF of the finished game, and access to the playtest documents.

Jack over at Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque wrote up a great post about how Flesh Golems are the equivalent of hot-rods of the wizard world - just begging for customization!

Jack also has some good advice: When in doubt, Just use Bear!

Tired of your trolls getting torched at first sight? Jack has 24 troll variants that might help with that.

Monster Johnson took Jacks idea and expanded it with an additional 10 augmentations over at Monstrous Television.

Chris at Rolang's Creeping Doom Has some thoughts on clerics special privileges, because, really, when you walk into town and are able to literally channel the power of the gods? Doors get opened! At least as long as it's the right god...

Courtney of Hack & Slash has yet another great post, this time on set design. Not for a play, but for building your encounters. If you run an old school game, this is very good advice.

You know you want to play this guy!

Need a little 40K in your fantasy? Mike at Sword +1 has just the thing with these two magic items.

What spells should a new wizard start with? A solid house rule from The Mule Abides might just be the answer.

I've never had all that much luck working with random dungeon generators, but this catacomb generator from The Sky Full of Dust seems promising...

The Red Book of Nelandra Kir is just the sort of awesome NPC spell book that every campaign needs. This visual works really well for it too!

Quibish from Of Dice and Djinn put together a neat way that PC wizards can roll up their familiar using a d4 + d6 + d8 +d10 + d12 + d20.

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